My name is Jason Tisone and this is my Official SEP Digital Portfolio.
To the left I have organized everything from this entire project into its own page for easy, painless navigation. On each page, I will have a PDF download of the corresponding file so that you, the viewer of this portfolio, can see everything as it was when the final form was turned in.

Below, I have provided a brief “about” blurb, which contains information about me and why I chose my topic, about my shadowing experience, and about my paper and what I researched.

About Me and Why I Chose This Topic
I’m Jason Tisone, and for the longest time I’ve been interested in aviation in itself. I’ve always taken a liking to the planes that I saw flying in the skies above my home and thought that the entire concept of flight was really amazing. It’s become sort of a passion at this point, I’d say. I’ve toyed with model airplanes just to see what makes them ‘tick’ and I’ve even used a few flight simulators to see how they fly. I’ve loved airplanes for as long as I can remember and because of it, my original “What do I want to be when I grow up?” when I was younger was a “Fighter pilot for the Air Force”. Over the years my interests have changed considerably, but I somehow always find my way back to wanting to be a pilot someday, and for that reason I picked to do my SEP on the career of aviation, specifically pilot training.

About The Shadowing
Career Field of Exploration: Aviation/Pilot
My mentor: Mike Cadden, President of Cadden Community Management, certified private pilot.
Location: Marana Regional Airport
My hours: I accumulated a total of 25 hours shadowing my mentor with 4 hours of hands on training, which consisted of me flying the aircraft and using a Communications Software.
My general thoughts: The entire experience was incredible. For me, the shadowing is something that deepened my passion for flying because while I’m in the sky flying the airplane, a sense of being at home washes over me and I feel like it’s just where I belong. I don’t have any fear, any worries, or any regrets while I’m flying and that’s something I love. Because of this experience I feel like I have the motivation I need to pursue my goal of becoming a pilot someday, whether professionally or recreational.

The Paper
My research topic was on the effectiveness of the current day flight training standards. I argued that they are not quality enough to properly train anyone to be able to fly a plane safely and I compared it to the old fashioned style of flight training, which I believe to be more effective.


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