Pictures of the Shadowing

Here are a few pictures to serve as visual proof of my shadowing, along with each will be a brief description.

This man right here is my mentor, Mike Cadden.
Behind him is one of the two models of planes that we flew, the Cessna 172. The other plane we flew was the Cessna 152.





Me in the co-pilot seat back when I had unruly, long hair. The purpose of the headset is to clearly hear not only the person next to you due to a loud engine, but it also lets you communicate with others in the air with you and on the ground to tell them what you plan to do.




Here is the Cessna 172 that my mentor was standing in front of in the first picture. The ID number, as you can see, is N9549F. That’s pronounced as “Niner five four niner foxtrot”. The “N” isn’t said but it stands for November. The purpose of the ID number is so the pilot can call out to ATC (Air Traffic Control) or other pilots to let them know of his/her intentions.





This picture is of my mentor and I taking off from Marana Regional Airport. This shot is particularly nice because of the gorgeous mountain range up ahead.






An aerial view of our incredible Sonoran landscape, something that not everyone sees too often.





A view of Picacho Peak off of Interstate-10. Our elevation at this point was about 6,000 feet.